Monday, August 27, 2012


This morning I have been thinking quite a bit about relationships, specifically friendships. Friends can enjoy times of laughter, encourage when we are sad, inspire growth in us spiritually, and so much more. A good friendship is more valuable than any game, book, movie, or song.

The thing about friendships though, is that it has to be both ways. You can't be someone's friend if they don't want to be your friend. So, maybe they do "want" to be your friend but still the effort is very one-sided. Maybe you work at it and invite them to do things and try to engage them in deeper conversation, but if they do not reciprocate the same effort you will get no where. You will be left feeling tired and maybe even hurt.

A real friendship goes both ways. Real friends seek each other out, look for and cherish opportunities for deeper more intimate conversations. Real friends sacrifice their time and effort to make sure that somehow, one way or another, they get to spend some time together and invest in each other. The friendship becomes strong and one does not become weary because both are equally investing in the other. Real friends truly love each other.

God wants to have a real friendship with us. He seeks us out and works at the relationship. He invites us to spend time with Him. He offers encouragement and strength and support. He is always there. Never failing, never wavering, with an unending ever constant love for us. His side of the friendship never stops at a shallow level, but runs deeper and more intimate than any other relationship you will ever have.

Unlike us, when we don't seek God back, when we don't show effort to build on our friendship with God like he does with us, he never gives up. He will always welcome us into his arms and will never fail to be that same encouraging, strengthening, supportive, loving friend that we need. That doesn't mean that he isn't hurt by our neglect of effort on our half of the friendship. He longs for us to love him.

Today, I challenge you. If you have not already embraced the friendship that you can have have with God, start now. Don't let it be a one-sided friendship any longer. Put effort into spending time with God daily. Talk with him constantly. Seek Him, love Him, trust Him, and never forget that He is there for you. Embrace the most intimate and deep friendship that you will ever have.

I made my decision to embrace my friendship with God in January 2012. It has changed my life. I have never felt so close to God, so peaceful, so carefree. I know that He is always there.

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