Monday, August 13, 2012

A Letter from Zambia

Back at the very beginning of June, Ben and I began sponsoring a little boy from Zambia through World Vision. It was one of those things where I knew without a doubt that God was asking us to do this. I had been at the Beautiful Life conference in Greensboro on June 1, and was supposed to be going back on the morning of June 2nd to finish up the conference. On Friday they had been talking about World Vision and sharing some stories and I felt a little tug at my heart for the thousands and thousands of children out there that still need sponsors. A few hours later, 1:00 am Saturday morning to be specific, I was waking Ben up telling him that we had to sponsor a child. I'm not sure he fully understood what I was saying, but I finally got a sleepily mumbled, "talk to me about it in the morning," and I was satisfied to go back to sleep. So, on Saturday I shared with him what I was feeling and he agreed that I should choose a child for us to sponsor that day.

When I went to the table, I was a little overwhelmed by the number of children whose forms were lying there waiting for sponsors. I didn't know where to begin, how could I choose just one? As I looked through the forms and photos, I came across a little boy from Zambia that was six years old. He was so cute, and his birthday just happened to be our anniversary. Immediately I knew, this was the one, Egnitious.

I was so excited to begin writing letters, sending e-mails, and praying for this little boy. As soon as I got my packet with contact information I wrote my first letter and began to anxiously await an annual report and a reply to my letter.

This weekend, I received his first annual report. It contained a little more information about Egnitious, his hobbies, chores, etc. There was even a little picture that he drew us of, best I can tell, a barrel. But, the thing that excited me most out of the whole report, was a new picture! In this new picture my little boy actually looks happy, and I was thrilled to have it!

Now, I will continue to pray, continue to write, and continue to love this little Zambian boy. God has truly blessed me with the privilege of supporting him and sharing His love with Egnitious. If it crosses your mind, please join me in praying for protection, provision, and a growing knowledge of the love of Christ for this little boy.

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