Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One stitch at a time...

I've kept myself pretty busy the past few days with sewing projects. It is something I have really enjoyed being able to jump back into right before I start my new job next week. I have two projects to share today plus lots of good sites to recommend!

My first project was a pleated knee length skirt complete with pockets. I found some great fabric at Hobby Lobby and I bought the pattern there too. It had been a long time since I had worked with a pattern, but for the most part everything went fairly smooth. This skirt is also super comfortable!

My second project was a "weekend blouse". I call it that simply because that is what the pattern was called. I used my leftover royal blue poly-satin from my DIY wedding decorations to make this one. I have to admit that I was quite disappointed half way through making this because I really didn't see it turning out well. In the end, after a little seam ripping and redoing, I was happy.

I got the pattern for this weekend blouse absolutely FREE! I found a site, BurdaStyle that has anything and everything about sewing you could imagine on it. You can buy patterns, but best of all there are tons of free patterns, tutorials, and tips! You can also upload your own projects. This site has been one of my best friends the past few days :P.

I guess I have jumped a little bit ahead of myself. I didn't mention how I found BurdaStyle. I was just randomly clicking the "next blog" button at the top of the page seeing what I would come across, and I found a blog that mentioned BurdaStyle... it was Tart Deco: Vintage Glamor & Retro Style. After that amazing find I kept sifting and came across another girl who has a blog of stuff that she has made. It seems that every post she makes she tells how she made the item the post is about ... and best of all ... it is super easy and no pattern is needed! This blog is Comely Vesture.

Well, I think that is all I have to share for now, but I hope you enjoy & can find some treasure in these sites as well! God Bless!