Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun Homemade Gifts

This Christmas I gave a lot of homemade gifts (due to the fact that I have no job, therefore no money). I actually ended up having a lot fun making these gifts and thought I would share a little with you.

I crocheted Granny Squares for all of the women in the family. These can be used as hot plates in the kitchen. I just did a basic solid granny square with multi-colored yarn (5 rounds) and then switched to a solid yarn that complimented the previous. With the solid yard I added one round of doubles and then a scalloped edge. The scalloped edge adds a nice touch to the basic square.

This is an older one that I made a little over a year ago for my mom.

I also made some over-sized pillows for my fiance's brother and another little girl. I took some fleece (with a cute pattern of course ... Hobby Lobby is my favorite place to get fabric around here) and cut large squares of equal size.  I didn't measure, but I would guess that it was about 25x35in. These are great because they can be used for laying on while watching TV or even a cushion to sit on while playing video games.

I think my favorite of the gifts would have to be the Organizer notebook that I made for one of my good friends. It is very simple to make, and they turn out very nice. The only items you will need are tabbed index cards (about a 5x7), small notepads, scrap-booking paper, a hole punch, tape and/or glue, index card rings/string/or something to combine the pages, and any stickers you may want to use. I got this idea from a blog I follow by Emily Rose, Simply Vintage Girl. I put a little of my own ideas in with the wonderful tutorial that she gives.

If you would like to try any of these and would like to have some tips and/or a tutorial please just comment on this post and I will work on getting that up for you  :)

PS. I got a new sewing machine so keep a look out for any sewing projects I may post in the near future.

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Lora Weaks said...

I'm so glad you like your new sewing machine and I'm amazed at all the things you do so quickly and so perfectly!