Thursday, August 25, 2011

My God Is...

As part of my young married group from church, I am reading Experiencing God by Blackaby. I have just started but already the book has been a great motivator to want to experience God in His many characteristics and by his many names.

My God Is...
  • the great I AM
  • My witness 
  • the bread of life
  • my hope
  • my wonderful counselor
  • the strength of my salvation
  • my comfort
  • my hiding place
My God is all of that and so much more. I want to fully experience God in all of these areas. I can "know" that He is all of these things, but I want to truly experience Him. That is my prayer today.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Hope,

I am so glad you shared from your walk with the Lord. I think the one of the Lord being your Comfort really encourages me as I am getting closer to giving birth. No matter what I know He will be with me and that is a comfort beyond anything or anyone in this world for me.

Alison Smith